Can Stairlifts Be Used Outside?

Our initial thoughts when thinking of stairlifts are that of the interior of a cosy home however, many neglect the idea of a stairlift having exterior purposes. At Leodis, we are able to do this. All of our stairlifts are available to be designed and fitted on exterior steps and stairs, to offer safety for […]

The Use of Stairlifts in Retirement Homes

One of the most common places to find stairlifts is retirement homes. After all, stairlifts aim to provide safety and comfort when using the stairs, which some retirees might require. We’ve been installing stairlifts throughout the North in retirement homes and residences for many years and one complex we’ve revisited several times is based in […]

Improving Mobility for Arthritis Sufferers

In the UK, over 10,000,000 suffer with arthritis or similar conditions that affect the joints. Arthritis can affect anyone of any age however, it is most common in the elderly. Over the years, we’ve installed stairlifts for a number of clients who suffer with arthritis, as weak joints can make it incredibly difficult to walk […]

How to Choose the Right Stairlift for You

Stairlifts are a great addition to domestic and commercial properties in which residents struggle to use the stairs. Stairlifts take the stress away from everyday activities and provide a safer environment for yourself and loved ones. Reducing the risk of falls, stairlifts have the opportunity to keep you safe whilst you age, recover from surgery […]

How Stairlifts Can Help with Surgery Recovery

Throughout life, many of us will experience health problems, which may require us to have surgery to either fix the issue or at least make it easier to live with. A couple that spring to mind are knee and hip replacements. These are common within elderly clients of ours, as due to old age they […]

How Stairlifts Can Be Useful in Flats/Apartments

It’s been an incredibly busy month for the team here at Leodis. We’ve been up and down the North of England surveying and installing stairlifts to a number of properties to help out residents. From domestic properties to commercial buildings, we’ve really done it all this month. One of our most recent endeavours was installing […]

How Leodis Can Help with Breathing Problems

In the UK alone, 5.4 million people are being treated for asthma, a condition which causes breathlessness, chest tightness and coughing. Because of this, it can affect mobility greatly. Many young people can suffer from asthma in fact, 1.1 million children in the UK have been diagnosed with the condition and have to carry out […]

Installing Lifts in Commercial Properties

Leodis have been manufacturing and installing stairlifts in homes throughout the North of England for over 25 years. This has led us to build our portfolio and experience to provide the best service for clients. Usually focusing on domestic properties, over the years we’ve helped a large number of people struggling with mobility issues either […]

A Guide to Stairlifts: Reconditioned

We recently posted an article discussing the differing benefits of renting and buying a stairlift. This week, we’re bringing attention to reconditioned stairlifts and how these can be a more convenient choice for some, as opposed to purchasing a brand new one. Mobility issues can affect anyone. It’s a common misconception that stairlifts are only […]

A Guide to Stairlifts: Styles & Colours

When purchasing a stairlift for your home, it’s important to consider the style and colour of the model. After all, you want something that matches your décor, as well as your own personal style. A stairlift isn’t always easily disguisable, so ensuring it fits into your home nicely is a must! If you’re struggling with […]