How a stairlift can help you to enjoy Christmas

Whether you’re having the whole extended family over for a festive gathering or spending a quiet Christmas alone or with your loved ones, not being able to move around your house can be depressing. A lack of mobility can really hinder your ability to enjoy Christmas as much as you used to, especially given the […]

Multiple Stairlifts around the Home

Over the years we have worked with many customers who have come to us through recommendations, as well as customers returning to enquire about installing more stairlifts into their home. Having multiple stairlifts installed in the home is surprisingly common, particularly if there are multiple storeys. Many people also choose to install outdoor stairlifts to […]

Our Latest Reconditioned Stairlift Installation

It has been a busy week for our team who have been travelling across Yorkshire and Lancashire, installing straight and curved stairlifts for customers! One of our latest jobs was a reconditioned stairlift installation in York for Mr Richardson. Mr Richardson found us online and called us to enquire about a stairlift for his mother […]

Annual Charity Day 2019

Here at Leodis Stairlifts we pride ourselves on our commitment to giving back to the community. Part of that is our annual charity golf day that is organised by our very own MD, Martin Brown. This year we hosted the event at Woodsome Hall in Huddersfield. The typical British weather was kind to us this […]

How renting a stairlift can help with joint surgery recovery

Our joints can start to cause us pain as we age. This may be the result of arthritis or injury and can affect our ability to perform simple tasks such as walking, climbing stairs or stand up. If the pain becomes unmanageable using nonsurgical treatments, your GP may refer you to an Orthopaedic specialist for […]

How Technology Can Help the Lives of Older People

“There’s an app for that!”   As a society we’re becoming increasingly reliant on technology to make our everyday lives easier. However, only 44% of those aged 80+ regularly use the internet, just 4-in-10 own a smartphone, and of those 39% of them feel confident using them.   In the last decade there has been a big effort […]

Our Latest Installations!

May has been a busy month for our team at Leodis! As well as carrying out many local installations in the Yorkshire area, we have also visited many homes in the Manchester area. Here are just a few of the stairlifts we have installed this month: Bison 80 One of our recent Leeds installations was […]

Home Safety Improvements for those Struggling with Mobility

A recent report by the charity, Age UK, found there are currently around 6.3 million disabled adults over the age of 65. Of those adults, 55% of them struggle with an activity that is basic to daily living (ADL). According to the NHS, the most common ADLs older people find difficult are getting up and […]

The Effect of Parkinson’s on Mobility

In the UK, two people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every hour. [1]  Because of this, it is estimated that around 127,000 people are currently living with the condition in Great Britain. The effects that Parkinson’s can have on a person’s life can be heart-breaking. Every day tasks like using the stairs or even making […]

How to Combat the Restrictions of Immobility

Millions of people throughout the UK are currently suffering with immobility. Factors such as old age, injury, disability and illness all contribute towards a person losing their ability to move around freely and safely. This can be incredibly hard to come to terms with, as simple everyday tasks can be made frustratingly difficult – such […]