Our Latest Installations!

May has been a busy month for our team at Leodis! As well as carrying out many local installations in the Yorkshire area, we have also visited many homes in the Manchester area. Here are just a few of the stairlifts we have installed this month: Bison 80 One of our recent Leeds installations was […]

Home Safety Improvements for those Struggling with Mobility

A recent report by the charity, Age UK, found there are currently around 6.3 million disabled adults over the age of 65. Of those adults, 55% of them struggle with an activity that is basic to daily living (ADL). According to the NHS, the most common ADLs older people find difficult are getting up and […]

The Effect of Parkinson’s on Mobility

In the UK, two people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every hour. [1]  Because of this, it is estimated that around 127,000 people are currently living with the condition in Great Britain. The effects that Parkinson’s can have on a person’s life can be heart-breaking. Every day tasks like using the stairs or even making […]

How to Combat the Restrictions of Immobility

Millions of people throughout the UK are currently suffering with immobility. Factors such as old age, injury, disability and illness all contribute towards a person losing their ability to move around freely and safely. This can be incredibly hard to come to terms with, as simple everyday tasks can be made frustratingly difficult – such […]

How Stairlifts Can Help Children with Disabilities

In the UK alone, 800,000 children are living with a disability [1]. For some of these children, moving around and feeling included can be very difficult. However, there are many positive programmes in place to prevent this, including water sport activities which can help improve happiness and well-being. Swimming can positively impact a child with […]

Can Stairlifts Be Used Outside?

Our initial thoughts when thinking of stairlifts are that of the interior of a cosy home however, many neglect the idea of a stairlift having exterior purposes. At Leodis, we are able to do this. All of our stairlifts are available to be fitted on exterior steps and stairs. Along with the challenge of steps […]

The Use of Stairlifts in Retirement Homes

One of the most common places to find stairlifts is retirement homes. After all, stairlifts aim to provide safety and comfort when using the stairs, which some retirees might require. We’ve been installing stairlifts throughout the North in retirement homes and residences for many years and one complex we’ve revisited several times is based in […]

Improving Mobility for Arthritis Sufferers

In the UK, over 10,000,000 suffer with arthritis or similar conditions that affect the joints. Arthritis can affect anyone of any age however, it is most common in the elderly. Over the years, we’ve installed stairlifts for a number of clients who suffer with arthritis, as weak joints can make it incredibly difficult to walk […]

How to Choose the Right Stairlift for You

Stairlifts are a great addition to domestic and commercial properties in which residents struggle to use the stairs. Stairlifts take the stress away from everyday activities and provide a safer environment for yourself and loved ones. Reducing the risk of falls, stairlifts have the opportunity to keep you safe whilst you age, recover from surgery […]

How Stairlifts Can Help with Surgery Recovery

Throughout life, many of us will experience health problems, which may require us to have surgery to either fix the issue or at least make it easier to live with. A couple that spring to mind are knee and hip replacements. These are common within elderly clients of ours, as due to old age they […]