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How to Clean a Stairlift

Welcome to Leodis Stairlifts’ guide on how to clean your stairlift! Keeping your stairlift clean is essential for its longevity […]

How to Stay Mobile in Old Age

As we age, maintaining mobility becomes increasingly important for preserving independence, overall health, and quality of life. While physical abilities […]

7 Accessible Places to Visit in York from Leodis Stairlifts

7 Accessible Places to Visit in York

York is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the UK. A vibrant town that’s rich with history, here are 7 fantastic locations that are accessible for the elderly and disabled.

When and why does a stairlift need servicing?

When and Why Does a Stairlift Need Servicing?

In this blog post we’ll explore the when and why of stairlift servicing. We aim to help you understand stairlift service cost, importance, and how often it needs to be carried out.

Leodis Summer Competition 2023

Summer Competition 2023

A chance to win a £30 summer treat. Bag yourself a £30 One4All gift card to wrap up the summer just right.