When a stairlift is the answer

Lift problems? Compliance issues? The challenges of turning old buildings into mobility friendly spaces? We’ve got an answer to that.

We’re starting to lose count of the number of instances we’ve seen recently of tenants with mobility issues effectively being left trapped in their homes because of a lack of means to get down the stairs.

But when the lift only stops on even numbered floors and you live on an odd numbered one, a stairlift could help you access the lift.

When the lift breaks leaving you with no way out, a stairlift can not only help you retain your freedom – it can be an essential piece of safety equipment.

And when the lift is out of action for so long that it’s leaving your property management company in serious danger of contravening compliance legislation, a stairlift can help restore order.

As a stairlift company, you’d expect us to say that a stairlift can be the answer in all of these situations – but that’s hardly a sales pitch. It’s simply common sense.

We’ve worked in rest homes and nursing homes where lift installation means residents need a temporary way of getting up and downstairs, so we’ve installed a rented stairlift while works are ongoing. We’ve worked in old health facilities where years of adding and annexing buildings has led to lots of little stairwells in unlikely places. Again, a small stairlift is the answer.

Recently, though, we read of a decision by cash-strapped Poole Council to stop funding the servicing and maintenance of stairlifts it had previously paid to be installed in local residents’ homes through the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG).

It’s a decision that leaves residents needing to find funds to cover their own maintenance and repair costs. The Daily Echo reports seventy-year-old Brenda Boyd as having had a stairlift in her home for around seven years following a hip operation. “For me it’s not necessarily the annual service fees that are the problem but the maintenance costs,” she said. “It could get very pricey if something is wrong with the equipment. I’m a pensioner and can’t really afford hundreds of pounds in maintenance bills.”

And that’s really why stairlifts are so often the answer. They can provide the lifeline that enables people to remain in their own home – and it’s rather tragic that further cuts are putting this service in jeopardy. Poole is not the only council considering this move either.

So if your local council is removing your stairlift maintenance cover, and you live in the North, call us about servicing and maintenance on 0800 542 6045.