Living with Motor Neurone Disease

An article in The Independent shines a light on the financial realities of living with MND.

It’s still the case that when people think of stairlifts, they think of the elderly. Yet we’ve long been supplying stairlifts across the North to people who prove that’s very far from the complete picture.

Motor Neurone Disease is a cruel and curious condition. One of the (many) problems associated with it is the time taken to diagnose. As this article shows, diagnosis typically takes a year. That’s a result of the condition’s relative rarity – GPs may only encounter it once in their careers. And it’s a result of there being no test for MND – you diagnose it by eliminating everything else, and eliminating everything else takes time.

That gap in diagnosis can create real problems for people who want to work, but can’t. In the Independent piece, Zeb Nassar talks of falling down the stairs at the onset of her condition, but then being unable to fund a stairlift or get council help to prevent her becoming depressed and trapped in her house.

The cost of MND

The article goes on to explore the financial impact of living with MND. It’s about £12,000, split between ongoing needs (carers etc), so-called ‘enhanced costs’ (increased energy bills, for example, and one-off equipment costs, such as stairlifts.

82% of MND sufferers said the condition had moderately or very negatively impacted their finances.

Overcoming the costs

It’s a thought-provoking article and well worth a read. Yet whilst stairlifts are only one element of the costs involved, there are things you can do to bring the costs down or get help in meeting them.

Disability allowances can help, although they cover little more than half of the real costs. The MND Association provides a range of services, from carers to loans to grants towards things like wet room installations.

And your stairlift company can help too, with reconditioned models at a fraction of the cost of brand new models (but every bit as reliable).

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