Leodis Install Stairlift on Halifax Church

Mobility can be an extremely distressing part of a disabled or elderly person’s life. Not only is it difficult and often painful to move, it can also be very upsetting. Mobility issues often lead to a person isolating themselves – feeling as if they cannot do the things they know and love or perhaps did before. Simple things like walking up a set of stairs can be incredibly frustrating, as it often means they cannot reach the places they’d like to get to.

Stairlifts for the elderly and disabled are widely recommended. They give accessibility, making a person feel as if they have their mobility back and providing them with the confidence to undertake the tasks they could not do without it, such as going to Church on a Sunday.

Recently, Leodis installed an outdoor stairlift to a local church in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The lift was installed to help elderly and disabled church-goers enter the building, to attend church and get involved in community activities held inside. With a high percentage of church-goers being elderly, we felt that by installing the lift, we would be benefiting a large proportion of the community.

Being stairlift specialists, we enjoy getting involved in community projects, such as this, as we feel it will help make many peoples’ lives easier. Our fully-qualified, friendly engineers are keen to get stuck into any project, no matter how big or small – specialising in both domestic and commercial properties.

halifax church

If you require a stairlift, or know someone who may be of benefit, call Leodis today on 0800 542 6045 or find your local branch here. We have showrooms throughout Yorkshire, so you can try before you buy to see which design of stairlift is the best for you.