Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Most stairlifts we supply have a weight limit of 19 – 21st, so it may be worth considering if you need one of our specialist heavy duty stairlifts. Here at Leodis Stairlifts, we have over 30 years experience in the supply and installation of a variety of stairlifts. Get in touch with our friendly team today to see how we could be of assistance to you.

As the leading independent supplier of heavy duty stairlifts in the north of England, we have assisted numerous people overcome mobility issues by providing them with a high quality product at a competitive price.

At Leodis Stairlifts, we are proud to be considered the preferred choice among customers looking for heavy duty stairlifts. Whether you are in need of a straight or curved stairlift, our team can help. All our models feature the latest technology prompting ease of use and comfort for the individual customer.

No matter whether you are looking to purchase a new or reconditioned heavy duty stairlift, or rent one for a short period of time, we have the answer. So, for all your higher capacity stairlift requirements, contact the team here at Leodis on 0800 542 6045 for a fast and affordable solution.

Heavy Duty Straight Stairlifts 

For anyone looking for a heavy duty straight stairlift, we can provide them with one of the leading models on the market. The Handicare 1000 straight stairlift has one of the slimmest tracks on the market, meaning when installed, it hardly intrudes on your staircase. Featuring a single slimline track, it contains two park points as standard allowing you to charge the battery at both the top and bottom of the stairs. There is also the option of a powered hinge which will stop doorways at the bottom of your staircase becoming obscured. 

Foldaway seats, footrests and arms come as standard with the 1000 straight stairlift allowing stairlift users to maximise space in their home. When you choose the 1000 straight stairlift you have the option of 6 upholstery colours and powered features that allow you to turn the seat at the top of the stairs. 

The Handicare 1000 has the heaviest weight capacity that we offer: 

  • the 1000 offers 137kg / 21½st,
  • the 1000XL 160kg / 25st
  • the 1000XXL 200kg / 31½st.

Options available to customers with the 1000 straight stairlift include:

  • Powered hinge rails 
  • One way powered swivel seat
  • Powered footplate
  • Body harness


Some of the Main Features of the 1000 Straight Stairlift are: 

  • Manual swivel seat and safety sensors as standard
  • Manual fold-up seat, arms and footrest
  • DC power as standard
  • Two charge points
  • Standard weight limit of 350lbs
  • You have the choice of both Automatic and powered models
  • We can provide an outdoor version if necessary 
  • Two remote controls are included as standard 
  • Choice of six upholstery colours
  • A Seatbelt comes as standard 

So, if you are in need of a straight heavy duty stairlift, contact the friendly team here at Leodis without delay on 0800 542 6045 or via online contact form.

We never sell on price - only on education, safety and expertise!

Our Heavy Duty Stairlift Installations

Heavy Duty Curved Stairlifts 

The layout of some homes mean that a straight stairlift is not a viable option. In such cases, you will need to install a curved heavy duty stairlift. At Leodis, we offer clients one of the best models on the market in the handicare 4000.

The cutting edge twin rail system is specifically designed so it can integrate seamlessly into your staircase. The 4000 model has an array of automated features that can be tailored to your personal requirements. These include a folding hinge to prevent it interfering with adjacent doorways, along with powered swivel and footrest for convenience.

With its sturdy twin rail design, this system ensures a smooth and stable ride while navigating sharp turns with ease. Offering the tightest rail bends available, it is well suited for spiral or curved staircases as well as narrow hallways.

You have the flexibility to customise the rail colour to complement your interior decor, and the seat can be personalised with a variety of colours across three distinct style options: the Style, the Smart, or the Simplicity.

These different styles come with slightly different features and options which are outlined below:  

Smart Seat 

The smart seat is a practical and durable seat option that can be offered with powered features so there is no need to bend when folding the footrest or turn when getting on or off the seat.

The maximum capacity of this is: 

  • Handicare 4000 Hinged rail 136kg/21½ st
  • Handicare 4000 with non-hinged rail 136kg/21½ st standard rail and 160kg/25¼ st with HD kit. 
  • The Smart seat also offers versions with additional arm spacers to increase the distance between the arms.

Other options available with the smart seat are : 

  • Body harness
  • Powered footrest
  • Powered swivel seat

Simplicity Seat 

For anyone who doesn’t require a powered swivel option, this model provides you with a safe and affordable solution for climbing the stairs. The seat is upholstered in a fire retardant wipe free sand coloured fabric.

This seat is manually operated but you have the option of adding a powered footrest if needed. A retractable seatbelt is included as standard; however, if preferred, you can order this model with a velcro alternative.

Maximum capacity is : 

  • Handicare 4000 Hinged rail 136kg/21½ st 
  • Handicare 4000 with non-hinged rail 136kg/21½ st standard rail and 160kg/25¼ st with HD rail 

You also have the option of the following extras: 

  • Powered footplates
  • One way powered swivel seat 

If you are unsure which type of model is best suited to your particular needs, our team will be only too happy to provide advice and guidance. Simply give us a call on 0800 542 6045, or fill in our simple online contact form, and we’ll be happy to help!

smart seat stairlift
simplicity seat

The Perch Seat

For anyone who has restricted movement in their knees or hip joints and finds sitting painful, the perch seat is a great option. The perch seat allows you to travel in a standing position without the need to bend your knees. The shortened seat and retractable seat belt gives users a stable area where they can perch. Perch seats are also a really good option for narrow staircases where travelling sat down is not possible. Maximum capacity for this model is 136kg / 21.5 stone. 

Some of the options available with the perch seat include:

  • Body harness
  • Powered footrest
  • 4 colour choices

Style Seat 

The style seat comes in three different colours and has a number of powered options designed for ease of use. Maximum capacity for this model is: 

  • Handicare 4000 hinged rail 136kg/21½ st
  • Handicare 4000 with non-hinged rail 136kg/21½ st standard rail and 160kg/25¼ st with HD kit

It also comes with the option of: 

  • Powered Footrest
  • Powered swivel seat

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Why Choose Leodis for your Heavy Duty Stairlifts? 

There are a number of very good reasons for choosing Leodis for your heavier capacity stairlifts. We offer customers an extensive range of new and reconditioned models meaning we will be able to provide you with something that matches your specific requirements and budget. No matter whether you are looking for a permanent or short term solution, we can help. Some of the benefits of choosing us for your heavy duty stairlifts include:

  • FREE no obligation home survey by one of our friendly advisors
  • NEXT DAY installation often available throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East, subject to survey
  • No pressure sales – we leave you a brochure, a price for both a new and reconditioned stairlift and then we leave you alone!
  • Competitive prices – curved stairlifts from just £1,500
  • No Deposit needed – you only pay when it’s installed
  • Genuine 24/7 call out service from our own qualified engineers
  • Exceptional after sales care
  • We’re Which? Trusted Traders and rated 4.9* on TrustPilot

So, if you are looking for a trusted independent company that provides high quality heavy duty staircases at an affordable price, contact the team here at Leodis on 0800 542 6045, or via our simple online contact form

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