What happens when there isn’t room for a regular stairlift track?

Not enough room in your hallway for the stairlift track? Don’t worry – there’s always a solution…

Hinged track for stairlift

You want to install a stairlift. You reckon there’s plenty of room on the stairs for your preferred model. But you think you might have spotted a problem. Right at the foot of your stairs is a doorway.

Try to install a regular stairlift track and the end of the track will poke into the doorway’s space, creating a trip hazard.

Does that mean your plans are scuppered?

No it doesn’t. You’d be surprised just how many homes place doorways right at the foot of the stairs. So to combat the problem we have a couple of clever solutions that mean you still get to choose the stairlift that’s right for you.

All that will change will be the track.

Option 1: The hinge

Simple stuff, this, but very effective. We attach a hinged piece of track that can easily be lowered when you need it, and raised when you don’t (so no one trips over it).

The hinged piece of track has a gas assisted mechanism, making adjusting it light and simple. Take a look at the hinged track in action in our video below.

Option 2: The slide

The alternative option uses a piece of track that moves with your stairlift. You can the sliding track in action in the below video.

As you travel upwards, the track travels with you, leaving the doorway clear of obstructions. For safety, pressure sensors in the track halt the stairlift’s progress if it encounters an obstacle.

Whichever option you choose, the result is a stairlift that gives you the freedom of your home, even when space is limited.

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