Staying Safe in Your Home

How to stay safe in your home
In your elderly years, it’s very common to lose your ability to keep yourself safe and stable. Suffering from mobility issues, memory loss and just general aches and pains can pose a threat to your home and social life. With these issues can come a number of risks, like falls, fractures and other minor accidents around the home that can lead to complications for an elderly person. Taking precautions to keep safe in your home is the key to avoiding any injuries or hospital trips in your later years. Precautions can reduce the risks and allow you to live comfortably and carefree as you age, giving you the confidence you once had. There are a few steps you can take to help create a safe home, such as…
  • Installing a Stairlift – For those who struggle with mobility, getting up and down the stairs can be a strenuous task. This can increase the risk of falls, which can be fatal to an elderly person. Stairlifts offer an easy, effortless way of climbing stairs – reducing fall risks and building an individual’s confidence and mobility.
  • Level Surfaces – Recommended by Age UK, level surfaces prevent the straining of an elderly person’s muscles. This decreases the risk of pulls and pains which can lead to other problems if happening continuously. Having surfaces that are comfortable for your height, not too low or too high, will make life in your kitchen that little bit easier, so you don’t need to worry about straining yourself when cooking and cleaning.
  • Phones & Contact Details – This is incredibly important, if any accidents do occur, so you can access and call for the right help. Create a small phone book containing numbers of those close to you who could help with a minor issue, such as your local doctor, family members and friends. 999 isn’t always needed however, if you feel it is an emergency, this should the first line you call.
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