Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts in Wigan

Many people think that due to the configuration of their staircase combined with a hallway that leads to many rooms a stairlift installation wouldn’t be possible. At Leodis Stairlifts Ltd we will help you find a solution to your staircase problems. Here we are going to showcase an installation that covered that very thing. All […]

Stairlift in Beverley – Curved Stairlifts

Gone are the days of needing to pre-order your curved stairlift and it taking 3 weeks for the track to be manufactured. One of the leading stairlift manufacturers has developed a modular track for their curved stairlifts that pieces together on site giving more flexibility for the engineer to create a beautiful stairlift bespoke to your home and […]

Curved stairlift with hinged track

We often get calls from people who are really in need of a stairlift but believe their options are limited, some have even been told that stairlift can’t be installed due to one reason or another and some have been told that rather than a curved stairlift being installed they can install a straight stairlift […]

Simplicity Minivator 950 plus

There are many straight stairlifts on the market today. Operating on a straight track they have different features and options available to the consumer. Here we are going to look in detail at the Minivator Simplicity 950 plus, the GTi of the straight stairlift world! One important thing to note here is that if you have a […]

Stairlifts Lancashire

Throughout the course of the week we are busy installing our stairlifts across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Humberside. Being a stairlift company, rather than a mobility shop, enables us to offer our customers choice from the leading suppliers. Giving our customers the ability to have a stairlift installation that is suitable for them, both now and […]

Stairlift Showroom in Yorkshire

In October, Leodis Stairlifts Ltd will be entering their 25th year of trading. Started by two men, we are now one of the leading stairlift suppliers in the North of England. Despite growing larger, we still maintain our ethos of providing the personal service you would expect of a family run company. We’ve spread from town […]

Stairlifts Sheffield

With 24, soon to be 25, branches across Yorkshire, Humberside and Lancashire Leodis Stairlifts are rapidly becoming the leading supplier and installer of stairlifts in the North of England. As our customer we offer you all your stairlift solutions from installation to buy back/removal when your stairlift is no longer needed plus repairs and servicing both during and after […]

Do you no longer need your stairlift? Leodis buy back stairlifts.

At Leodis Stairlifts we offer an all round, first class service and this includes the removal and possible ‘buy back’ of your stairlift when it is no longer required. FACT: Most companies do NOT buy back stairlifts! Leodis Stairlifts buy back certain models of stairlift dependent on make, model and age of stairlift and the area […]