Leodis Golf Day hits big for hospice

Our golf day may have been a big success, but the real winner was Overgate Hospice in Elland. Last month in the blog we were gearing up for the annual Leodis Stairlifts Golf Day, the 8th edition of an event that’s become the Mayweather vs McGregor of the stairlift world. Held on 11 August at […]

The Friday night callout

It’s 10pm, Friday night. One Leodis customer can’t get her stairlift to move, which means she can’t get to bed. What happens next? Lots of stairlift companies advertise a ‘24hr service’. But they don’t always mean the service is staffed by people. More often than not, if you experience a stairlift problem late in the […]

26 years and counting…

When Leodis installed its first stairlift back in 1991, we couldn’t imagine how far we’d come. To celebrate, we’re still giving £26 to charity for every stairlift bought during our 26th birthday year. We probably should have kept a score from day one, but although we don’t have a precise figure for the number of […]

The Leodis Stairlifts Golf Day

8 teams, in the 8th month, competing for honours in the 8th annual Leodis Stairlifts Golf Day. Stairlift companies are a competitive bunch. So 8 years ago, we decided to find a different way of channelling that competitive spirit. The result was the Leodis Stairlifts Golf Day, an annual, invitation-only event, sponsored by Leodis, that […]

Giving the armed forces a lift

If you’re a serving member of the armed forces, a veteran, or a relative of someone who is, you could be eligible for help with the cost of your stairlift. The SSAFA doesn’t only help serving members of the armed forces. Families and veterans also benefit from an organisation that offers everything from transition support […]

How fast do stairlifts go?

Don’t worry, it’s a stairlift, not a roller coaster. It’s one of those questions our customers tend not to think about until we’re midway through their stairlift installation, and then suddenly it hits them: what if their stairlift zips around too quickly? But there’s no need to worry. Whichever stairlift you choose, you’re in for […]

Will installing a stairlift damage my decor?

It’s one of the things we’re asked most often when people are considering having a new stairlift installed. And you’ll be surprised by the answer. “You won’t damage my wall, will you?” we get asked, probably once a week. And our answer is always ‘no’, for one very good reason. Your stairlift won’t be attached […]

Leeds Showroom Now Open

Leodis Stairlifts are proud to announce that we’ve opened our brand new stairlift showroom for our customers in Leeds. Come and enjoy a coffee at our new stairlift showroom where our friendly team will happily welcome you and demonstrate our extensive range of stairlifts. Based in Gildersome, Leeds our new 700sq ft showroom is complete […]

The stairlifts aiding cancer care

Thanks to public donations – and one major donation in particular – a cancer charity has been able to install stairlifts in its latest home. There’s a temptation to think of stairlifts as something that comes with age. Yet whilst advancing years and reduced mobility are a major factor in the take-up of stairlifts, they’re […]

What happens if I need my stairlift when there’s a power cut?

Don’t worry, you won’t be left stranded midway up the stairs… Thankfully, the days of the 3 day week and darkened 1970s evenings are a distant memory, but every now and again wind and rain can still bring an occasional power cut. You’d have to be unlucky to be affected, but if you are, what […]