The Effect of Parkinson’s on Mobility

In the UK, two people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every hour. [1]  Because of this, it is estimated that around 127,000 people are currently living with the condition in Great Britain. The effects that Parkinson’s can have on a person’s life can be heart-breaking. Every day tasks like using the stairs or even making […]

How to Combat the Restrictions of Immobility

Millions of people throughout the UK are currently suffering with immobility. Factors such as old age, injury, disability and illness all contribute towards a person losing their ability to move around freely and safely. This can be incredibly hard to come to terms with, as simple everyday tasks can be made frustratingly difficult – such […]

How Stairlifts Can Help with Surgery Recovery

Throughout life, many of us will experience health problems, which may require us to have surgery to either fix the issue or at least make it easier to live with. A couple that spring to mind are knee and hip replacements. These are common within elderly clients of ours, as due to old age they […]

Installing Lifts in Commercial Properties

Leodis have been manufacturing and installing stairlifts in homes throughout the North of England for over 25 years. This has led us to build our portfolio and experience to provide the best service for clients. Usually focusing on domestic properties, over the years we’ve helped a large number of people struggling with mobility issues either […]

A Double Installation for Leodis!

We’ve been incredibly busy this month, with the lead up to Christmas practically racing by. Our team of surveyors, manufacturers and installers have all been working extremely hard to ensure that all our clients have a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year. With elderly loneliness becoming a growing issue throughout the UK, Christmas can […]

What to do if your Loved One is Struggling

Watching someone you love slowly lose their independence and energy can be upsetting. Many families also have their own lives, careers and children to take care of, so it can be difficult to be there for everyone 24/7. However, it’s important that you know how to react to a family member who may be struggling […]

Staying Safe in Your Home

In your elderly years, it’s very common to lose your ability to keep yourself safe and stable. Suffering from mobility issues, memory loss and just general aches and pains can pose a threat to your home and social life. With these issues can come a number of risks, like falls, fractures and other minor accidents […]

Leodis Install Stairlift in Sheffield Hotel

Over the years, Leodis have installed many stairlifts in homes all around the country – aiding the elderly, disabled and injured with their mobility around their house. That being said, we also have a variety of experience working within the commercial sector. Struggling with stairs doesn’t end when a person leaves their home, which is […]

Is Dementia Affecting Your Ability to Get Upstairs?

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a range of progressive neurological disorders, which can affect many different areas of a sufferer’s life, such as co-ordination and memory. The disease affects around 850,000 people in the UK alone, a number which is estimated to grow to 1,000,000 within the next seven years (2025) and […]

Stairlifts in a New Home

There are a number of stunning homes throughout the UK, which many of us would dream of living in one day. Many people plan and save for a move for years – putting their all into this new journey they’re about to go on, which can be extremely exciting! However, for some, this process of […]