Getting an outdoor stairlift? Here is what you should consider

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You may be surprised to know that Stairlifts are not just for indoors; outdoor stairlifts are available too.

Stairlifts can be used outside and provide a simple solution to tackling the steps either down to or in your garden in the same way as they do inside your home.

Why should I have an outdoor stairlift?

It’s not just gardeners who find outdoor stairlifts extremely useful. Any property with exterior steps or particularly steep driveways may benefit from having one installed.

They make getting outside and back in again, easier, safer, and can be fitted to almost any type of property including homes, restaurants, Golf Clubs and Care Homes who regularly have them installed throughout the UK.

Are outdoor Stairlifts the same as indoor ones?

Pretty much but the best outdoor Stairlifts are designed to cope with whatever the elements throw at them.

Manufactured to a high-quality standard, fully waterproof, and weather-resistant our Handicare/Minivator models also have UV-protected upholstery so they won’t fade under a harsh sun.

Also, they come complete with a protective cover, so that you can pack the stairlift away for winter and it won’t be harmed by the elements.

Outdoor cover for stairlift
As well as being designed to cope with the elements, outdoor stairlifts also come with a protective cover.

What types are available?

Outdoor Stairlifts are available with both curved and straight tracks, providing everyone with the assistance they need to get outside easily and safely so you can make the most of your outdoors, garden, or to get into a vehicle.

Here is an example of a straight outdoor stairlift, curved stairlifts are also available for curved staircases.

How does an outdoor stairlift work?

Outdoor stairlifts operate just like their indoor counterparts. Usually, the distance between each end of the track is relatively short (we’ve yet to come across a garden with steps quite the same length as those indoors) but the principle is the same: sit on, strap in, and push the toggle switch to gently glide up or down the track.

Are outdoor Stairlifts safe and easy to use?  

In simple terms, yes, very! All our outdoor Stairlifts are manufactured by very reputable and long-established companies, each one is made from quality materials and is thoroughly tested to ensure it complies with all the latest minimum safety standards. These include weight limits, the speed of travel and the angle of your staircase.

Your Stairlift will come with a simple to use switch that you press in the direction you wish to travel, and your journey will be both quiet and smooth. For your added safety, additional features such as a seat belt, arm and footrests and an automatic cut off switch if it is obstructed or you need to stop, come as standard. Added features such as a ‘powered swivel seat’ can be incorporated to enable getting on and off the seat, even easier.

Before you get to use your Stairlift, it will have been thoroughly checked and then fitted by our friendly team of experts, who will stay with you as long as you need to make sure that you can operate it safely and are completely confident with your Stairlift purchase and installation. 

Do outdoor Stairlifts have a weight limit?

Yes, all stairlifts have a weight limit that varies across the range of models available, that is typically between 19–29 stone but we will be very happy to give you advice on which model is best for your needs.

How much does an outdoor stairlift cost?

As every outside staircase is different, the cost of Stairlifts vary depending on whether they are for straight or curved stairs and whether you go for new or reconditioned.

Typically, a reconditioned straight outside Stairlift can cost from as little at £1050 and a reconditioned curved Stairlift from £2500. New models cost around £2850 and £4500 respectively.

What warranty will my Stairlift have?

Again, this will differ slightly depending on whether it is new or reconditioned, but most often this will be either 2 or 3 years. After this period, you can take out an extended warranty to cover you for all parts and labour charges.


How long will it take for my Stairlift to arrive?

Depending on whether you’ve ordered a new or reconditioned model, this should only take a few days to a week at most.

How long will it take to install my Stairlift?

A straight Stairlift will take around 2-3 hours to install, and a curved Stairlift around 4-5 hours. We then test and demonstrate it to make sure you are completely comfortable and can use it safely.

Can I rent an outdoor Stairlift?

Yes, you can, and this is something that we at Leodis, specialise in.  A straight Stairlift costs £650 to install (and remove when no longer required) including the first 2 month’s rental and £50 per month thereafter. A curved Stairlift costs £1500 to install (and remove when no longer required) including the first 2 month’s rental and £50 per month thereafter.

Regain the freedom of your garden again

Outdoor stairlifts are often overlooked. They are, perhaps, considered less essential than the indoor stairlift that connects you with your bedroom or bathroom. Yet we work with many customers for whom the garden is their pride and joy, their hobby and their lifeline.

In many instances, the garden is what makes retaining the freedom of their home worthwhile. After all, there’s no point in being able to enjoy the freedom of only part of your home.

So, as we look ahead to next summer, make sure you’re well equipped to enjoy it to its fullest.

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