New vs Reconditioned Stairlift? Here Is What You MUST Know!

If you or a loved one are thinking about having a stairlift installed, this guide will give you all the necessary information to make an informed decision on whether you should choose a new or reconditioned stairlift.

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Straight Staircase

Straight Staircase

Curved Staircase

Curved Staircase

What types are available?

There are a wide variety of stairlifts available today. Primarily they come to suit straight or curved staircases and can be tailormade for your home. As well as the normal ones you sit on, there are also models for people who can’t fully bend their knees, known as the ‘Perch Stairlift’. Most models have a maximum limit of 18-22 stone, but there are types for the more generously sized.

How much do they cost?

As with most things we buy, the price depends on a range of factors. Most common of these is whether it’s for a straight or curved staircase and if you’re looking for a new or reconditioned model. We’ll explain the benefits of new or reconditioned below.

Typically, a new straight stairlift will cost from £2,250 depending on what features it has (such as a seat that swivels automatically or a powered footplate) and normally comes with a comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty.

A reconditioned straight stairlift on the other hand will typically cost around £1,000 so there’s a significant saving to be had.

A new curved stairlift can cost between £4,500 and £6,500 depending on both its features and how many ‘turns’ your staircase has and will be tailormade to fit your individual staircase perfectly.

They come with a comprehensive 2 year parts and labour warranty. A reconditioned curved stairlift will cost around £2,500, with the same 2 year warranty, so again there’s a big saving to be made buying a second-hand model.

Do I Buy New or Reconditioned?

Before you come to that decision you need to look at what’s best for you / your home and what’s available in the time that you need one.

We’ve set out some of the major benefits and drawbacks of both options below

Benefits of New:

  • Normally comes direct from the manufacturer, in perfect condition
  • Usually the very latest model available in a range of colours
  • Occasionally comes with a longer warranty
  • Generally, comes with 2 free services (depending on the model purchased)
Reconditioned stairlift

Reconditioned stairlift

Reconditioned stairlift

Reconditioned stairlift

Drawbacks of New:

  • Typically takes longer to arrive
  • Brand new models may have ‘teething’ problems, still yet to be rectified
  • Reconditioned models have a proven record of workmanship
  • They cost considerably more than reconditioned
  • Some suppliers insist on an Extended Warranty which can be costly

Benefits of Reconditioned:

  • Typically, only 12 months old and always models still in production
  • Generally, can be installed within 24 hours – much quicker than new
  • Considerably cheaper than new – a large saving to be made
  • No need to take out an extended warranty – another saving to be made
  • Reconditioned models have a proven record of workmanship and again if you buy one from a reputable company, it will be fully overhauled and tested before it’s installed and will be in the same pristine condition as new

Drawbacks of Reconditioned:

  • They aren’t brand new / have been used – if that means a lot to you
  • You may not always get the exact same features or seat colour you want
  • Some reconditioned models won’t offer the same length of warranty
  • Make sure you don’t buy one that is more than 3 years old as it may be difficult to obtain spare parts if the model is no longer in production

Here are a few other points worth keeping in mind

Only buy your stairlift from a long established, locally based company who can give you a genuine 24/7 call out service, using their own fully trained engineers.

Always choose a company who have good reviews or TrustPilot rating. (You can take a look at our latest reviews here!)

Choose a company who have showrooms that you can try out the model you like, before you buy it.

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