Making Your Stairlift Even More Personal

You may be surprised to know that stairlifts are not all the same for everyone. They can be tailored precisely to suit your exact needs and your home’s unique style.

All our stairlifts come with a range of ‘added extras’ to make your life even easier or to complement your home’s décor.

Choose a Seat Colour

All our Bison and Handicare stairlifts come with the option of six different seat colours to make them both more personal and to complement your home décor. 

So, you can choose from Dark Red, Brown, Blue, Green, through to Cream and Slate Grey – ask for details

Straight Stairlifts in 6 colours

Powered Swivel Seat

This option makes the seat swivel automatically and avoids the user having to move it themselves manually. 

As the stairlift gets to the top of the stairs, by holding the toggle on the arms it will after a short delay swivel towards the top landing, making it much easier and safer to get off. 

This option is ideal for those of limited strength, or those with reduced mobility on the stairs.

Powered Footrest

Most footrests have to be lifted manually by hand at the start or end of the journey, which for some who find bending down difficult can be a real challenge. The powered option works by pressing a button and the footrest will raise or lower itself automatically making your stairlift much easier and safer for many to use.

Powered Footrest for Stairlift


In many of the homes where we fit straight stairlifts, there is often a doorway at the bottom of the staircase which can result in the track that your stairlift rides up and down on becoming somewhat of a trip hazard. This clever, innovative option means that the track itself moves up the stairs as you ride clearing any doorway completely and in turn is much safer for other family members living in the house.

‘Easy’ (Manual) Hinge

In the same situation where the track of your straight stairlift would jut out into the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, the budget solution would be for your track to have a manual hinge which you can lift each time you intend to use your stairlift to go upstairs or after you’ve used it to come down.

Some things you might like to know about us...

Do You Offer a Free Survey?

Yes, we most certainly do – just give us a call and one of our friendly experienced team will come and do a Free no obligation survey in your home or place of work, usually within 24 hours. 

After discussing your individual needs, we recommend what we believe is the best option for you, be that straight or curved, new, or reconditioned. We will then leave you a brochure, a price for all options and then we leave you alone – WE DON’T PESTER!

How long will it take for my Stairlift to arrive?

Depending on whether you have ordered a new or reconditioned model, this should only take a few days to a week at most.

At Leodis, we specialise in offering a ‘Next Day Installation’ for those needing one quickly, especially handy for those coming out of hospital, a relative who’s going to be staying with you or anyone struggling following a sudden injury.

How long will it take to install my Stairlift?

Depending on whether your Stairlift is going on a straight or curved staircase, it should take around 3-5 hours to install, test and demonstrate it to make sure you are completely comfortable and can use it safely, before we leave you.

Can I rent a Stairlift?

Yes, you can rent a curved stairlift from us, and this is something we at Leodis, specialise in. 

There is a cost to install and remove when no longer required, which also includes the first 2 month’s rental and should you need, you can then keep this for as long as you want at £50 per month thereafter. 

We give you the same genuine 24-hour emergency cover, as if you had purchased it.

What warranty will my Stairlift have?

Again, this will differ slightly depending on whether it is new or reconditioned, but most often this will be either 2 or 3 years. 

After this period, you can take out an extended warranty to cover you for all parts and labour charges – ask us for details.

What do I do now?

You can call us anytime, 24 hours a day on 0800 542 6045, for expert free advice as well as a no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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