How much does a curved stairlift cost? A price guide

In this guide we cover how much a curved stairlift will typically cost you and various factors that can impact on the final price.

Why do curved stairlifts cost more than straight ones?

Virtually every home is different, so whilst a straight stairlift is a simple straight-line journey between one floor and the next, a curved stairlift could be required to hug the contours of any combination of corners, doglegs and landings. 

That creates a much greater need for a bespoke, tailored approach, and that level of customization is why it will typically cost more to install a curved stairlift than a straight one.

The rails on a curved staircase need to be totally bespoke for your staircase, in accordance with its curves.

Why do curved stairlift costs differ?

If you’re doing your research to find precisely the right balance of quality, craftsmanship and low cost, you’ll already have discovered that even apparently similar curved stairlifts can come with very different price tags.

So why the difference?

Typically, the difference in costs will be down to the following factors:

  • Popular stairlift brands vs lesser known options: As with most products, there are the well-known market leaders and lesser known manufacturers in the stairlifts market. It’s important to do your research to ensure you’re paying for what you need, not just the brand name.
  • Features: Optional extras (see below) may be included in some quotes but not others.
  • Installation: Reputable dealers won’t hide prices. Your quote should include full installation costs, but some less trustworthy stairlift companies may hide this.
  • Warranties: All new stairlifts from reputable dealers will be guaranteed, but the length of the warranty can vary, as can whether the warranty covers parts only or parts and labour.

How much is a curved stairlift?

Depending on the number of bends your staircase has and what features you want your stairlift to have, the cost is typically around £4,500 for a new stairlift and £ 2,500 for a reconditioned model.

 Company ACompany BLeodis Stairlifts
NewFrom £5,200From £5,500From £3,950
ReconditionedFrom £3,500From £2,950From £2,500
Warranty Period12 Months12 Months3 Years Parts & Labour

Is a curved stairlift worth the cost?

This is really a question of need and benefit versus cost.

If you are unable to manage the stairs comfortably, a stairlift can restore freedom, dignity and self-sufficiency – and that can be worth every penny.

How do you match a curved stairlift to my stairway?

Some curved stairlifts are entirely bespoke, with the track designed specifically for a specific stairway.

Others take a modular approach, using a set of standardised pieces to create an infinite range of track designs to suit any home. The latter type of curved stairlift costs less but is no less effective.

What features should my curved stairlift have?

Stairlifts keep on working during a power cut and safety belts are standard features on all stairlifts.

Other features are optional extras. Talk to your stairlift surveyor about the features that could benefit you:

  • Swivel seat: Every stairlift seat will swivel so you don’t have to mount or dismount over the stairs. Some use gravity to swivel. Powered models offer even greater control and security.
  • Rail run-ons: An extended track that ensures you can get on and off the stairlift away from the top of the stairs. A valuable safety feature where room permits.
  • Hinged track: Where space is tight at the top or foot of the stairs, a hinged track can ensure there’s room for a stairlift without creating a trip hazard across doorways. For extra simplicity, choose a powered hinge.
  • Sitting or perching: Sitting is the normal position of travel, but if you find bending your knees difficult or painful, choose the ‘perch’ straight stairlift model instead.
curved stairlift features

How much do second-hand curved stairlifts cost?

Reconditioned stairlifts are significantly cheaper than new stairlifts.

A Leodis reconditioned curved stairlift, for example, will typically cost around £2,500.

If you’re choosing a used stairlift however, it’s vital that you choose a dealer with the engineering expertise to ensure the stairlift is in good order when you buy it – and ensure stays that way.

Check the warranty too. Some dealers often short warranties on reconditioned stairlifts.

Curved stairlift FAQs

How long does it take to install a curved stairlift?

Many curved stairlifts can be installed within 24 hours of order and usually take 3-5 hours to install.

How long is the guarantee on a curved stairlift?

Warranties vary from company to company, but most are normally for 12 months. At Leodis, for example, they offer a 2 year parts and labour warranty on both new and reconditioned stairlifts.

Does a curved stairlift need a different sort of chair?

No. There may be differences from model to model, but whether a stairlift is straight or curved has no effect on the chair type.

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