Will installing a stairlift damage my decor?

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It’s one of the things we’re asked most often when people are considering having a new stairlift installed. And you’ll be surprised by the answer.

“You won’t damage my wall, will you?” we get asked, probably once a week. And our answer is always ‘no’, for one very good reason. Your stairlift won’t be attached to the wall.

Curved Staircase Stairlift Installation

Despite appearances, your stairlift track will actually be attached to your stairs. That gives your stairlift all the strength and rigidity it needs, and it keeps your hall wall completely free from damage. Your curved stairlift may hug the wall on its journey up and downstairs, but that doesn’t mean it has to be fixed to it.

That’s all well and good, you might say, but what happens when the stairlift needs removing because, for example, you’ve recovered from your operation and no longer need the stairlift you hired from us?

Well, that’s the beauty of stair-fixing. As most stairways are carpeted, it will take little more than a reworking of the pile around each screw hole to hide the evidence that a stairlift was ever there. In fact, the only stairway where you can’t hide the evidence of screw holes is a stone staircase.

You won’t find many of those in your average house, and the larger properties that may contain them (eg care homes) are likely to need a stairlift as a permanent fixture.

So if you’ve been putting off buying or renting a stairlift because you’re worried about damaging décor you love, don’t worry – we won’t touch it.

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