The Friday night callout

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It’s 10pm, Friday night. One Leodis customer can’t get her stairlift to move, which means she can’t get to bed. What happens next?

Lots of stairlift companies advertise a ‘24hr service’. But they don’t always mean the service is staffed by people. More often than not, if you experience a stairlift problem late in the day, your call will end up on an answering machine to be picked up the following morning. Which means that, whether you’re stuck upstairs or down, you’ll stay stuck until at least the next day.

But not with Leodis. When our customer called us on Friday night from Stockport, it was Leodis founder (and stairlift engineer) Martin Brown who answered, and then headed out to fix the problem there and then.

Stairlift Charge Point

It turned out that the problem was a simple and not uncommon one. The chair had been left off the charge point (and, just like your mobile phone, when left off charge your stairlift will eventually run flat). So Martin set the chair to charge and reminded the customer how to keep her stairlift powered. By 1am, she was able to head upstairs to bed.

Friendly, no fuss help when you really need it. It’s why people choose Leodis. Talk to us about renting or buying your stairlift now on 0800 542 6045.

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