Stairlifts: how to make the decision

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It can be a delicate decision, deciding to buy a stairlift. So what’s the best way to go about it?

There’s no denying the benefit a stairlift can offer to someone who is finding it difficult to get around the house. Often, it can be the key piece of equipment that enables them to stay in the home they love.

But decisions are made with head and heart and often, particularly when it comes to age-related infirmity, the practical benefit of a stairlift can be overcome by the wish to avoid such obvious evidence of advancing years.

Keeping the decision with the user

That can make it difficult for loved ones. It’s rare that a person who’ll be using a stairlift calls us. Almost invariably, it’s their loved one. A spouse who’s trying to make arrangements before their partner returns home from hospital. Or a son or daughter who wants to make life easier for mum or dad but doesn’t want to ‘impose’ a stairlift on them.

The feeling of ownership of a stairlift (or, at least, the decision to get one) can be crucial. Impose anything on anyone and they’ll likely resent it. Help them to reach the decision themselves and the process can feel an awful lot easier.

Get the proof

One way to help that process is to visit a stairlift showroom and let the user see what a stairlift actually looks like, what options are available, and even what using a stairlift feels like. Visit our showroom, for example, and you’ll be able to try every stairlift in our range.

That removes a lot of preconceptions. It doesn’t look like a piece of hospital equipment. It isn’t noisy (in fact its virtually silent). It’s really simple to use. It’s completely safe. And it won’t mean major reconstruction (or any reconstruction) of your hallway to fit it.

So if broaching the subject of stairlift installation is proving a headache for you, let us help your loved one reach their own conclusions.

To arrange your showroom visit, call us now on 0800 542 6045.

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