Leodis Stairlift Buying Guide

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If you are struggling to get up and down the stairs in your home then having a stairlift installed can promote your independence, allowing you to remain in the home you love.

There are many stairlift companies to choose from and choosing the right stairlift for your requirements may seem like a confusing and daunting task, our aim is to make this as simple as possible for you so you can make an informed choice.

Below are a few tips to get you started and remember, our many years of expertise in stairlifts is always available to you to help guide you to your final decision. Call us for FREE, no obligation, independent advice on 0800 542 6045 (calls are free from landlines).

Basic Considerations when Choosing a Stairlift Company

  • Choosing a company that offers a wide choice of makes and models ensures you are advised on the best product for your specific needs.
  • Consider whether the company offers a warranty that covers as long a period as possible, preferably 2 years for new stair lifts. Ask what happens if you do not take out an extended warranty.
  • Ask how long the company has been trading, you can rest assured your warranty will be more secure with a well established company.
  • Find out if the company operates within your locality, this is likely to provide you with a more personal service and a faster response when required.
  • Consider whether the company is ‘small enough to care’ but big enough to deliver. Family companies often provide that  added ‘personal service’.
  • Ask if the company staff have extensive experience in the stairlift  business. Some salespeople may be experienced in sales but have limited knowledge of stairlifts and the customers who buy them, they may recommend the wrong solution.
  • Bear in mind if the product or model of stair lift will be the right stair lift for your needs, not just now, but also in future.
  • Will you need to pay a deposit, this can often mean you are hurried to make a decision.

The next step…

  • Review several suppliers and their brochures/website, identifying possible solutions for you.
  • Talk to friends or neighbours that have purchased a stairlift, they may be able to give you advice and give suggestions as to what questions to ask. They may even recommend the company they used.
  • List any concerns or issues that worry you and any questions you have, the engineer should be able to address these during his visit and don’t be afraid to ask questions. See frequently asked questions.
  • If necessary, invite a friend or family member to be with you during the engineer’s visit, to provide support and confirmation of your choice.
  • Request several testimonies, with the option to call any one of the previous customers, if necessary.
  • Decide on the companies you’d like to come to your home, 2 or 3 should be sufficient.

During the Home Visit

  • Let the visiting engineer know of your needs and requirements.
  • Explain any concerns that you may have to him. An experienced engineer will listen carefully and point to a solution. Ask any questions you may have and note down the answers if necessary.
  • Listen carefully to the engineer’s recommendations, which should guide you through the selection process smoothly and help with identifying the best solution for you.
  • Ensure that a written quotation is provided during the survey for your choice of stairlift and that it also includes the warranty details.
  • Ask if the quotation includes all items and work required for completion. Be wary of ‘additions’ later such as ‘additional wiring’ etc.
  • Do NOT feel pressured or hurried into making a decision there and then.
  • Discuss any future needs with the engineer. A straight stairlift may be ideal now but what about in 12 months time, getting the wrong product initially can be costly.


  • Please be wary of companies that hard sell or use call back tactics and try to pressurise you into making a decision.
  • Be cautious of companies who only sell a particular make of stairlift, this may inevitably be unsuitable for your needs and won’t give you choice.
  • If making a telephone enquiry, protect your number by typing in ‘141’ before dialling the number which will ensure the company cannot call you back.
  • Does the company have a showroom? Photographs are great but you can really get a feel for a product by seeing it working and having a go for yourself. Visit our showroom page.
  • Use our stairlift configuration chart below to help you choose the right stairlift or for further help and advice call 0800 542 6045 (free from landlines), or one of our local services centres.

Stairlift Configuration Diagram

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