Safety as Standard

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The safe, secure freedom of your home: that’s what we commit to with every stairlift installation we complete. And that’s why every stairlift we supply includes:
Armrests and safety belt: Robust armrests and easy click and release safety belts make securing yourself quick and easy.

Auto-obstruction stop: Your stairlift will have sensors in its footplate. When those sensors detect an obstruction, the stairlift will halt.

Reverse the stairlift a little, remove the object, and continue your journey. Simple.


image005Power cut protection: Your stairlift runs on rechargeable batteries which charge by being placed on the charge points (usually at either end of the track). If there’s a power cut, your stairlift will stop charging, but there should be enough energy in the batteries to keep things moving for a limited time until the power returns. It is important, therefore, that you keep your stairlift on a charge point when not in use.

No unauthorised use: Every Leodis stairlift comes with a lockable isolation key to prevent unauthorised use.

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