How do I operate my stairlift?

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Using your stairlift is as simple as pushing the paddle left or right.

To use your stairlift, follow these instructions:

1. Sit on your stairlift and fasten your seatbelt
2. If you have locked your stairlift (to prevent anyone else from using it) unlock it with the key
3. Push the paddle on the armrest in the direction you wish to travel
4. Keep the paddle fully pressed until you reach the end of the track, so your stairlift stops over a charge point. If you don’t stop on a charge point, your stairlift will beep or tick*

*This does not apply to the Simplicity 950, which charges wherever the chair is stopped.

Obstructions: Is there something in the way of your stairlift? The footplate will sense any obstruction and stop the lift. Reverse the chair a little by pressing the paddle in the opposite direction. Remove the obstruction and carry on with your journey.

Swivel chair? When you reach the top or bottom of the stairs and have come to a complete halt, pull the swivel lever by your seat. Your chair will swing round so you can get off easily.

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