Engineers, not salespeople

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Does it matter that the people you talk to at most stairlift companies are salespeople and account managers? We think so.

If you’ve been shopping around for a stairlift you’ll no doubt have come across plenty of combinations of stairlift models, prices and service/warranty standards. We also bet you’ve come across something else: lots and lots of salespeople.

Leodis Range of Stairlifts

Is that a problem? We’ll, we’d argue yes, and here’s why: a salesperson’s job is to sell. They’ve got targets to meet, quotas to hit and bonuses to achieve. Stairlift engineers, on the other hand, don’t have those issues. Their prime goal is to install the right stairlift for every customer, and ensure it keeps working reliably for the long term.

There’s a knowledge issue too. It’s one thing to have your sales patter sorted and know the specs of your products inside out. It’s quite another to be the person who installs stairlifts day in and day out. Talk to an engineer, and you know that when they give you advice about a particular model, or how your stairlift will be installed, their answer will be based on first- hand experience.

Finally, having an engineer sell you a stairlift isn’t like having a salesperson sell it. At Leodis, there’s no pressure, no hassle, no ‘if you buy today I’ll give you…’ shenanigans and no deposit to pay.

So if you want the right stairlift, long term support and a buying experience that won’t leave you frazzled, talk to the stairlift engineers. Call us now on 0800 542 6045.

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