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When’s the right time to buy a stairlift?

It may never be too late to install a stairlift in your home. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be big advantages to installing it just a little sooner. Sometimes, the timing of your stairlift purchase is taken out of your hands. If you have a loved one in hospital who won’t be released until […]

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Should I buy a reconditioned stairlift on eBay?

You’re thinking of buying a stairlift but you’re on a budget. Reconditioned stairlifts seem a natural way to go, but is eBay the place to buy? ‘Let the buyer beware’ – the central plank of British contract law that requires anyone buying anything to take the time to check that what they’re purchasing is the […]

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Stairlifts: how to make the decision

It can be a delicate decision, deciding to buy a stairlift. So what’s the best way to go about it? There’s no denying the benefit a stairlift can offer to someone who is finding it difficult to get around the house. Often, it can be the key piece of equipment that enables them to stay […]

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Santa Paws on a stairlift?

It’s not just people that stairlifts can help save from stairway falls. Turns out they’re handy for helping dogs too… Yes, we know Christmas is long over with, but we couldn’t resist sharing this with you. When Duncan Evans’ dog Timmie took a tumble down the stairs, Duncan decided the Jack Russell needed a little […]

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A Word About Our Reviews

We wanted to you to be able to trust the reviews you read about us – which is why we’re on TrustPilot. Reviews are a tricky thing to get right. Testimonials are all very well, but someone, somewhere always assumes you’ve written them yourself (we haven’t). And sometimes, one negative review can be re-spun lots […]

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Merry Christmas from Leodis

Brief reflections on 2017. This year, we’ve installed more than 1,500 stairlifts across the North. From Hull to Manchester, we’ve installed straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, outdoors stairlifts, indoor stairlifts, sit down stairlifts and stand up stairlifts. But really, it’s not the stairlifts we installed that mattered; it’s the difference they made. They’ve helped people return […]

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Living with Motor Neurone Disease

An article in The Independent shines a light on the financial realities of living with MND. It’s still the case that when people think of stairlifts, they think of the elderly. Yet we’ve long been supplying stairlifts across the North to people who prove that’s very far from the complete picture. Motor Neurone Disease is […]

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Simon Cowell Doesn’t Want a Stairlift

“The day I get to that… Honest to God it’s over,” says the music mogul. But then it’s easy to say that when you’re a healthy 58 year old. If you’re an avid X Factor fan, you’ll know that Simon Cowell was absent from some of the live shows earlier in this season’s run. You […]

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In tribute

As the UK commemorates Remembrance Day, we reflect on the part stairlifts continue to play in the lives of brave servicemen and women. Mobility is something most of us take for granted. For many of our customers, the loss of mobility is a gradual thing that typically develops with age. The requirement for a frame, […]

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