5 reasons you might need a stairlift (that are nothing to do with getting older)

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It’s easy to think of a stairlift as something that comes with getting older. Yet whilst that may be the single most common reason for installing a stairlift in your home, it’s certainly not the only one.


1. Surgery recovery time

Recovery time for a knee replacement can be anything between 3 and 6 months. Hips can take even longer. When the loo’s at the top of the stairs and you’re at the bottom, renting a stairlift for as long as you need it is the simplest way of ensuring you aren’t confined to one floor of the house, and that your recovery isn’t risked by attempting the stairs unaided.

2. Supporting illness recovery

From many cancer treatments to chronic fatigue, the process of recovery can be a long one, and can leave you feeling drained. We know that it can take all your energy to simply get off the sofa, never mind climb the stairs, so hiring a stairlift for the duration of your recovery can make life easier.

3. Getting used to new limbs

If you’ve had an amputation, there can be a few months between the op and a fitting for your prosthesis. Throughout that period, and afterwards as you learn to live with new legs, a stairlift can help the process of getting back into normal life. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the loss of a leg or part of a leg, and a stairlift won’t be right for everyone, but if it will make a difficult time easier, why not at least try a stairlift out?

4. Living with a debilitating condition

Debilitating conditions like MS and Parkinson’s tend not to play by the rules. Each have their own quirks and progression rates vary dramatically, which is why there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to living with these conditions.

In certain circumstances, a stairlift could be an absolute godsend when climbing the stairs feels like scaling Everest. If you want to chat about the benefits of a stairlift for your situation, give us a call.

5. Caring for a loved one with impaired mobility

Your generous offer of caring for a loved one while they recover from an op or illness, or on a more permanent basis, might leave you needing to address a few practicalities, like ‘how will they get to their bedroom/bathroom?’. Installing a stairlift, even temporarily, can make life easier for everyone.

New or reconditioned. Buying or renting. We’ve a way of getting the right stairlift to you in a way that matches your budget. To find out more, please call 0800 542 6045.

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